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‘Electric’ and ‘silent’ is the only way to describe what the boating-sector is about to become! Now, the Dutch company Soel Yachts are developing electric travel at sea via their SoelCat 12 vessel.

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Soel Yachts want to revolutionize the boating industry and are sending the SoelCat 12 to Auckland, New Zealand to firmly develop their message! The company has a desire to go beyond a simple adding of an ‘electric engine’. Therefore, over and above its electric propulsion system, the boat possesses highly-efficient lines on its hull. This streamlining efficiency means that under electric propulsion, the SoelCat 12 can travel at eight knots, for six hours. Further reducing the boat’s speed to six knots will squeeze-out 24 hours of travel (even at night when solar power is not available). It’s environmentally-friendly via both carbon-emissions and noise pollution (described by some as Tesla on the water!).

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The boat has also been designed to be monitored via phone or tablet, offering users a simple way to visualize and track energy consumption. When not in use, the Soel Yacht can also act as a mobile-power-station, with the ability (and energy) to take itself to the remotest of locations! It’s more than it appears in every way! Incredible!

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