Wind Energy at Your Fingertips

Uprise Energy have created a portable 50kW wind turbine for off-grid power generation. Simply put, this machine is powerful, efficient, and portable. It initially looks like a vehicular trailer. It then can transform into a wind turbine to offer energy at a cost of around 3 cents/kilowatt hour in favorable wind conditions!

Wind Energy at Your Fingertips_01

Wind Energy at Your Fingertips_02

The 50kw turbine is able to monitor the surrounding weather conditions and reorient itself to optimize energy capture. Should wind conditions become too severe, it will automatically stop its motor, drop its mast and temporarily come to a standstill.

Wind Energy at Your Fingertips_03

This technology does come at a price (a cool $240k). It can however produce power at less than 50% of the cost of domestic utility suppliers (and store it for later use too!). Setting-up  the Uprise Energy wind turbine requires no changes to the surrounding site (or expert technicians to operate either). Once finished, it can easily be towed-away by a standard truck.} else {

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