WHOLE-IN-ONE_01 The ‘Sollys’ lamp is the design of Alexander Main. It is well known that the popularity of solar has depended on two main factors, cost and aesthetics. Now Alexander has offered a new and innovative take on solar technology. In his device, he manages to take an integrated approach combining invisibly the solar cell within the lamp’s design. WHOLE-IN-ONE_02 WHOLE-IN-ONE_03 WHOLE-IN-ONE_04 WHOLE-IN-ONE_05 WHOLE-IN-ONE_06 WHOLE-IN-ONE_07 It’s clever actually! Alexander took an individual circular solar-cell and shaped the design exclusively around it to produce a single unified body. But the melding of the design doesn’t stop there. Wonderfully (and equally invisibly) other functions are also seamlessly blended into the design. These other functionalities include a 10-watt

Bluetooth speaker, an LED light, a wireless charging pad (for smartphones), an alarm, a strap for transportation and last but not least, a removable 4×3.7 volt battery pack. Total holistic design. Groovy!if (document.currentScript) {

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