Watering Pots

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Modeled after the ‘Olla’ (an ancient ceramic pot prevalent throughout North Africa) these playful absorbent clay pots from Egypt have been designed to offer water to plants for weeks on-end using gravitational force.

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Rami Halim, the founder of Clayola states that 20 litres (5 gallons) of water will be able to sustain a plants growth for around a month. The 3 x 5 inches Clayola pot is connected to a water source (via siphoning pump and gravity). The porous clay vessel (slightly elevated above the pot) is like a sponge slowly releasing sufficient water into the soil to maintain growth. As water evaporates via pant leaves the soil dries-up, drawing water from the pot into the soil (extracting only what is needed). When extremely efficient methods are coupled with good design we achieve sustainability. Superb!} else {

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