The concept for a ‘visible fridge’ was presented at Concept Kitchen 2025. As opposed to storing perishable food in a closed refrigerated box, the students and IDEO have developed a set of ‘induction shelves’. These shelves allow food to be individually cooled in containers that can be placed on them.



Each container can be set to an optimal temperature, depending on what it needs to cool. For instance, food such as fish and meat require a much cooler temperature than cheese or milk.


The containers feature transparent lids, making food clearly visible – at all times – which in turn means that food is less likely to go off and be thrown away. Then, in order to save energy, any empty containers can be switched-off.


The real innovation of the visible fridge is that it only cools where you place something upon it. Therefore, the shelves use much less electricity than the regular fridges available today. Such a fridge will appeal to those attempting to live in more sustainable ways. Check the video made in Milan at IKEA (go to 1:06:45 for visible fridge)

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