Villa Ypsilon

Villa Ypsilon_01

Designed by LASSA Architects Villa Ypsilon is a near 500 squared metre home sitting within olive groves in Greece. Its flowing ‘green roof’ delineates three courtyards and shelters an eye-shaped pool and sun-deck. Additional facades trigger shadows at certain times of the day and encircle a sunken seating area.

Villa Ypsilon_02

Villa Ypsilon_03

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Villa Ypsilon_07

Most of Villa Ypsilon’s structural elements are prefabricated, which has led to a significant reduction in assembly costs and a shortened construction time. A CNC machine was employed to fabricate prototypes of the green roof and contribute to the final shape of the home. Add the use of locally-sourced materials like concrete, terrazzo and marble and its green credentials begin to stand out. A marriage of beauty and sustainability.

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