Vertical Water + Greenery by AmphibianArc

The ‘Hanhaidongfeng town center’ by AmphibianArc in Northwest Zhengzhou is an innovative interpretation of a shopping mall.


With 350,000 sq.M of commercial space, this building covers nine levels of retail and family entertainment, has an elevated fountain plaza, an indoor canal, themed restaurants and hotel tower, all housed under a landmark LED roof acting as umbrella over the whole complex.

The design draws inspiration from the classical Chinese treasure ‘cornucopia’ bowl, a special vessel that symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness. What is created is a vibrant yet intimate ‘urban container’, supporting public activities and immersing visitors in a tectonic yet natural experience.


Zhengzhou, noted as one of the most polluted city in Asia is seeking to raise community awareness on environmental protection and aid in the creation of a microclimate for visitors.

Vertical greenery appears throughout the complex, all the way to the roof garden and a vertical aquarium establishes a water element, a symbol of life (which can be experienced by gondola). Upon completion, the mall should become a powerful economic catalyst and landmark for city living.


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