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Producing a total of 80 tons of veggies a year, this 10,000 m2 futuristic vertical-farm in Singapore was founded by Panasonic. The system uses LED lighting to support indoor-farming strategies that avoid many of the problems associated with the normal external methods.

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The system is not victim to climatic variables like sunlight or rain showers. Neither is it under threat from pests and the chemicals used to eradicate them. In this structure, farmers can control the internal climate (i.e. temperature, pH levels and oxygen)easily to increase productivity and yield.

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By using vertical indoor-farming, Panasonic have found an innovative and productive method to make use of unused warehouse space. They have been developing a diversity of crops (currently around 40 types including mizuna, romaine lettuce, mini-red radishes and Swiss chard) yet are aiming to reach 70 different kinds for consumer consumption!

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This yield covers 0.015 percent of the total crops grown in Singapore. Panasonic however wish to continue to push the growth with a 5% total yield in mind. Sold under the name ‘Veggie Life’, three ounce of greens will go for about $5 in grocery stores. Many believe this to be the future of agriculture. We leave in in our readers mind to determine what they think. Go for it!document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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