Veggie Delight!

With a limited amount of time, and with four walls pressing-in on them, can most urban dwellers begin to go green and create their own home-grown healthy veggies? Well…‘Just Ask Us How!’ think that this is indeed possible!

This group believes that any would-be-gardener living in an urban metropolis can find success, even with little to no room or time! Enter the Elevated Garden system from Eden Gardens. This hydroponic unit ($1299) comes in three different sizes and 25 different colours. It has a water reservoir at the bottom and a growing area above.

A solar-powered pump is designed to circulate nutrient-boosted water to the growing area every night. Any excess water drains itself back into the reservoir, which needs to be re-filled every few months. Then just play nature’s waiting game for perfect veggies and herbs! There is one requirement left for the urban gardener and that is to be on the look-out for pests. Then enjoy!



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