UTEC – Potable Water Generator

In Lima, Peru, UTEC (Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología / University of Engineering and Technology) have developed a billboard to tackle the issue of the lack of drinking water in Lima.

Due to the lack of water, the billboard has been designed to turn the surrounding air into drinking water. It was installed last December 2012. It stands 20 meters high (over 65 feet) and is located off the Panamericana Sur highway (at the 89.5 kilometer marker).


Water vapour is the third most abundant gas in air, after nitrogen and oxygen. It can be easily extracted using a condenser. The billboard hides within it five condensers whose water is then filtered and stored in tanks. It extracts this water, and delivers it to local people. It cost just £790 to set up. Currently it produces 96 litres of water per day, which can be obtained from a tap at the base of the structure. The university are using the billboard to advertise saying they want to show people that it’s possible to solve problems through great engineering.

The project won a Gold Outdoor Lion award at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, as well as a Gold Clio for Content and Contact. This will act as a welcome relief in other villages with similar weather characteristics all over the World. Superb!

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