Urban Tree-house Protection

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-02

There is a five-storey building in Turin offering protection to all its residents and surrounding neighbours. In a forest of 150 potted trees, the Italian architect Luciano Pia has designed ’25 Verde’. This urban oasis absorbs nearly 200,000 liters of carbon-dioxide/hr, protecting its residents through the elimination of the harmful gases which are chugged-out by city cars and trucks in Turin on a daily basis.

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-03

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-04

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-05

This architectural endeavor is truly a green solution and we hope that bringing it to our readers attention may inspire others towards some planting action of their own!

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-06

Luciano Pia -25 Verde-07

For additional details check out: www.fubiz.net} else {

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