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The Australian architecture firm Alexander Symes has choreographed used-materials into a wonderful new home. Using their “closed-loop zero-waste” concept they have managed to re-purpose materials to construct an amazing home. Their ‘upcycled’ house (a 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath family home) is located in Blackheath, Australia and predominantly employs upcycled materials.

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The home’s ‘collaged’ feel creates a beautiful sculptural quality to the construction, developing a myriad of unique material and spatial ‘moments’ within the overall design. The building’s ‘green credentials’ are further improved by aligning the structure along an East-West axis to offer optimal daylight and reduce energy consumption.

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On its inside, the design is ‘Scandinavian minimal’ with a life-enhancing simplicity. Bookshelves and hidden storage help occupants avoid everyday clutter, with colorful recycled mosaics adding contrast. Here we have a building as ‘work of art’. Truly inspirational!

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