Two Peas in a Pod

The GreenPod ‘renewable high-tech workspace’ sets you up for a completely different workspace experience. It forms part of the ‘Pre-order of the Future‘ project unveiled by Neste. It appears as an egg-shaped workspace created from renewable materials.

Two Peas in a Pod_01

This multipurpose space can be used for both work and leisure purposes providing users with a comfortable and controlled office environment plus the freedom to pop-up almost anywhere. Some of its fantastic functions include; blocking outside noise; responding to weather changes automatically; charging electronic devices; and instantaneous face recognition (to pull up appropriate files for the people it recognizes).

Two Peas in a Pod_02

Two Peas in a Pod_03

The branding of GreenPod promotes the caption ‘a private capsule in a public space’ giving the impression of a rentable workspace available near all types of public space (visible here in a park). Currently, the project remains conceptual so the design will have time to be more fully developed.

Two Peas in a Pod_04

Neste’s Senior Vice President Osmo Kammonen expresses that GreenPod is one of five competing proposals under consideration by the Preorder the Future Project in Sept 2016…we wish them the best  luck!} else {

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