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Here’s a head-turner irresistible timber owl cabins! They’ve popped up in France as an option for summer camping in Bourdeaux (but once you see them is there any other option!).

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The designer Bruit du Frigo (partner of Zebra3/Buy-Sellf ) named the cabins ‘The Watchers’! They are a unique set of ‘off-the-grid’ cabins located on the outskirts of the city to get people hiking again and visiting the lesser-known sites in the area.

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The cabins are nestled against each other offering a large cabin with three floors connected by ladders with beds that look like nests! Construction is mainly from wood using faceted timber walls with wooden shingles made to look like feathers over cabin surfaces. Circular windows beautifully express a set of eyes for the owl cabins.

Turning Heads 360_05

Energy-wise, they are ‘off-grid’ with interiors offering the cozy basics (but no running water or power as of yet!). The cabins host a maximum of 9 people. If you’re interested check out the Refuges Périurbains website.

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