Tulip-shaped Ethiopian Energy Plant

Tulip 01

The government of Ethiopia will soon be using the AORA Solar-hybrid system called ‘TULIP’. This concentrated solar tower (elevated towards the sky) looks like a gorgeous energy-generating tulip.

Tulip 02

This ingenious modular system uses less water than other available systems. Its unique design takes up little space (only 0.86 acres/module) yet is able to provide 100 kWh of solar and 170kWh of thermal power with only 8% of the amount of water typically required by ‘concentrated’ solar power projects.

Tulip 03

Tulip 04

The design – made to look like a plant bulb – isn’t just cute its functional too. Shaping it in this way allows the sun to efficiently heat the air inside to generate electricity more economically.

Tulip 05

In Ethiopia, AORA is also training local communities to run ‘Tulip’ so the country can achieve its goal of becoming a middle-income, green economy nation by 2025. The uninterrupted power-supply afforded by Tulip will prove an important part of Ethiopia’s development. Firstly it will provide a reliable energy network, secondly, its look will help spread the idea of renewables. A great all-round idea!} else {

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