The car (and the traffic it creates) remains a ‘rage-inducing’ phenomena! We seem to be forgiving ‘less and less’ and pointing out ‘more and more’ peoples’ minor driving indiscretions. Now, recent scientific studies confirm that traffics jams are also bad for your health.


‘Gridlocked traffic’ has been proven to multiply the toxicity of air-pollution (especially in tropical countries when windows are rolled down and fans circulate outdoor air inside vehicles. At the utmost limit, idling cars quickly create harmful emissions putting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk.


Now, University of Surrey researchers have published research that highlights the risks of sitting in traffic. One of the studies reveals that whether stuck at a red light or in a jam (with a car in front) you are likely to receive 29 times more harmful particles than those cruising down the street.


With that said, a few simple strategies can reduce your risk of harmful exposure to traffic. First of all – although a little counterintuitive – it is better to keep windows rolled-up when stuck in traffic. Sacrificing a slightly cooler breeze and arriving at work a little sweaty may actually be worth it healthwise.


A second way is to avoid traffic altogether is by using a navigation system. Doing so helps to avoid (or minimize at least) any unnecessary time spent in unforeseen traffic. Thirdly, hitting the road on a bicycle may seem a desperate measure, yet it does allow a greater freedom of routes in which to arrive at work. Selecting low-density traffic routes means that as you keep moving, you are less exposed to damaging and harmful pollutants. Which option is right for you. Do your health a favour…research…have a think…reap the benefits!

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