White Desert’s Camp Whichaway is an extreme resort in Antartica. In its extreme desolation, it is unnecessary to say its off-the-grid. In being so, the resort is powered solely by wind and solar with “zero impact” on its surroundings but more so on its visitors. total-renewables_01 total-renewables_02 total-renewables_03 Having been worn down by the harsh Antarctic conditions, the camp’s dome cabins have recently been refurbished. Now, for $70,000 a person can initiate there adventure from the camp’s igloo-shaped cabins situated on a 200-foot ice fall. total-renewables_04 total-renewables_05 total-renewables_06 total-renewables_07 total-renewables_08 The six available igloos on the site (each constructed from fiberglass) include sleeping accommodations, a private wash area, composting toilet and working desk. Communal cabins contains include a ‘lounge space’, populated with comfortable couches, tables, and a wood-burning stove to keep all within warm. Another holds the dining room that includes a large round table where all camp guests can

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eat and drink together. Finally, a centralized showering pod helps maintain energy efficiency and reduces water consumption. total-renewables_09 total-renewables_10 total-renewables_11 total-renewables_12 Sightseeing at Camp Whichaway includes interacting with the awesome Emporor Penguins (a 2.5 hour flight from the camp); a visit to the geographic South Pole (seven-hour flight); and local mountain-climbing where climbers can clamber into the blue ice caves and enjoy the far-off views they offer. Whatever you decide to visit, this getaway will have you looking at Earth in a totally different way! check out their website at:  if (document.currentScript) {

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