Timber Building Pioneer

Timber construction is back! Now, the Barangaroo-South area of Sydney is the new location for Australia’s largest all-timber building. Designed by Tzannes Architects, ‘International House’ is a seven-story wooden construction made almost entirely from engineered timber!

Timber Building Pioneer_01

Timber Building Pioneer_02

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Found in the historic part of the city, International House has a retail ground floor level, made of ordinary concrete, with all the remaining floors, columns, walls, roof, elevator shafts being made from cross-laminated timber. In fact, the building uses 3,500 cubic meters of sustainably grown (and recycled) wood.

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International House Interior, Barangaroo

International House Interior, Barangaroo

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Timber Building Pioneer_18

Timber Building Pioneer_19

This ‘sustainable feature’ has already made International House a landmark, with its wooden aesthetic providing a truly unique quality (in particular the attractive colonnade that is reminiscent of a line of forest trees). By using timber rather than concrete, the architects have saved the environment from thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases. Way to go! More of the same please!

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