Sono Motors have released their SION solar-powered electric car. This vehicle does up to 18 miles via stored solar energy alone. Costing around 16,000 Euros ($18,600) the SION is not exclusively for wealthy folks. Its list of features include integrated solar panels, built-in moss filtration and bi-directional charging.

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Using 300 photovoltaic panels, the SION is designed to store solar energy to travel up to 18 miles. If needing to go further, it can be recharged using conventional outlets, similar to those for an electric car.

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The Extender model starts at $16,000 Euros and has a driving range of 110 – 120 miles and can be quick-charged up to 80% in 40 minutes. Charging it up with the power of the sun will take half a day, but since Sono Motors says you can drive it to work for an 8-hour shift, the battery will be fully recharged thanks to the solar cells when you get off.

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Five spacious passenger seats on the SION offer fun and togetherness for all the family. Within its shell, it has a unique moss liner integrated into the ventilation system that acts as a natural air filter to filter fine particles of dust from the air. There are also six airbags to keep everyone safe. Everything is controlled through the cockpit where a smart screen shows your speed, battery level and everything else you need to run things smoothly. Repairs should be affordable, since Sono is releasing a repair manual and affordable parts along with the car.

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With Sono’s new mobility system ‘goSono’ offers bi-directional charging, allowing you to use the car as mobile storage (i.e. to power external devices like generators for the grid). Additionally, the app offers money making options through SION letting it be rented out or by providing rides for other passengers (Uber/Lyft).

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Currently there are over 1,200 pre-orders for the SION, but numbers should reach 5,000 before production can begin in earnest. SION will soon be offering test drive tours for interested parties (in Europe). If ordered, expect delivery some time in 2018.

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