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The Boxetti set is a collection of furnitutre by Rolands Landsbergs. The clever trick is that it can be comleted folded up to be put away. A number of sets are available that include Boxetti Private, Boxetti Lounge, Boxetti Practice, Boxetti Thrill, and Boxetti Lunch. Each piece folds efficiently into a box to remove all the empty space that normally exists within.

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Boxetti ‘Private’ consists of bedroom functions i.e. a bed, nightstand and wardrobe. In this case, users can fold-up the furniture completely using a remote control. The Boxetti ‘Lounge’ offers flexible living space. The set has a three-seat couch, tables plus a foldable desktop and chair at the rear of the couch.

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For a neat working environment, Boxetti ‘Practice’ comes with a manual foldaway desktop, drawers, bookshelves, and a smaller workspace indented into the furniture itself, for a more comfortable environment.

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Then there is the Boxetti ‘Thrill’ for entertaining visitors at home. The set has a TV and built-in-hi-fi audio system that tuck-back into the box furniture. Finally, Boxetti ‘Lunch’ offers users a perfect kitchen. Here, under remote control, sliding counter-tops shift to reveal a sink. Other elements include extensible bar seats, and sufficient space for a fridge.

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