The Cultivator (solar meat printer)

main The Cultivator uses solar energy and a 3D bio-printer to make functional (and tasty) meat. It does not incur the typical costs associated with meat production i.e. land space, transportation, refrigeration etc. It supports in the creation of small amounts of meat (in the form

of abstract cubes, not the actual shape of an animal. kitchenEnvironment The device’s intention is to help provide a daily average dose of protein-meat to a future urban-class. Its designers Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer are hedging their bets that people are less likely to viagra coupon code be consuming large amounts of meat in the near future (due to meat-shortage, ethical and/or health reasons. Powered by solar energy, the device minimizes its environmental impact to near zero. In the knowledge that ‘animal livestock production’ accounts for 14.5 percent of greenhouse gases, the Cultivator can greatly contribute to a healthier planet if able to reach a mass market. One only needs to look at the progress that bio-printing organs has already taken to understand the potential of this device. There are surely going to be mixed opinions about this one. We prefer to suspend our viagra blue vision judgment until the final device is made available. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say! Read more at:

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