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Most people’s ideas of renewables mainly focus on wind and solar. Now, the simple act of walking is slowly becoming a game-changer in the battle to create emissions-free energy. In Las Vegas, the world’s first smart streetlights powered by the…



Instead of rigid, cumbersome flat solar panels, we could all soon be powering our homes and electronics via stickers. Currently, engineers at Stanford have successfully developed thin, flexible, peel-able solar-cells which can then be attached to just about any surface….


Solar Wallpaper…Oh Yes!

Now it is possible to have thin, affordable solar cells attached to just about anywhere. Enter Sunflare‘s new solar technology. This Los Angeles-based startup has been developing solar cells which are only micrometers thick and can be simply fastened to…

Dyaqua Invisible Solar Cells

Dyaqua invisible Solar cells are making renewable-energy aesthetically friendly! Their panels have been designed to avoid the ‘visual damage’ that is ordinarily associated with typical solar-panel design. Often times, renovated buildings that adopt a ‘renewable-energy’ stance soon lose their historic…

Sun Seeker

A self-driving garden may seem far-fetched but now, the University College London’s (UCL) Interactive Architecture Lab has created a nomadic, self-cultivating garden that moves around all by itself! The sphere has been designed by UCL students William Victor Camilleri and…



Now there’s a spectacular ‘IceHotel‘ in Northern Sweden that gets visited by thousands of people every year! Then – as the seasons shift – the temporary structure silently and surely melts away. For 26 years now, the ‘IceHotel‘ has followed…

Land of the Rising Farm_01

Land of the Rising Farm

A growing trend in urban Japan is indoor farming. As farmland is scarce, a wide variety of herbs and greens can be cultivated in climate-controlled environments under LED lighting at home for energy efficient food production. Two Japanese farms (Indoor…

Tesla Town_01

Tesla Town

The first ‘Tesla town’ is being built in a small suburb off Melbourne’s business district in Australia. Every house will enjoy a solar roof and built-in Tesla Powerwall. This will be one of the most sustainable developments found in Australia….

Copenhagen Energy Duck_01

Copenhagen Energy Duck

The ‘Solar-energy Duck’ could soon be generating renewable power for the people of Copenhagen. The ‘duck’ was part of the Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition and powerful response (visual as well as electric) to Copenhagen’s desire to become a…

Hydroponic Farm_01

Hydroponic Farm

Following a serious drought in 2008, Syria had to import wheat after the majority of the farmers’ crops failed. This highlighted the issues of farming efficiency especially with valuable commodities like water. With the fertile land of Syrian oases slowly…