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Hydroponic Farm_01

Hydroponic Farm

Following a serious drought in 2008, Syria had to import wheat after the majority of the farmers’ crops failed. This highlighted the issues of farming efficiency especially with valuable commodities like water. With the fertile land of Syrian oases slowly…


A research project to send astronauts to Venus has been unveiled by NASA. The project involves ‘lighter-than-air’ pods that accommodate explorers as they hover above the clouds. The NASA website shows a movie depicting a conceptual design that uses inflatable…

Nokero N200

Most people take the artificial light that surrounds them for granted. However, hundreds of millions of people do not yet have access to electricity. Instead, they end-up using costly and harmful ‘kerosene’ lamps for lighting. Currently, roughly one quarter of…

Thermo Tent

Rapid temperature changes are a campers nightmare! Temperature shifts from range from freezing nights to hot mornings subdue the sense of adventure. By reducing spikes in temperature the camping experience could be made safer and more fun – for everyone….

Science City_03


Check out these more unusual and weird green technologies. They’re a little different from the usual solar-panels and turbines that readers of renewable energy websites are accustomed to. The stories vary from a 3D-printer that builds buildings to large-scale heat…


Voltaic Systems have produced ‘SHINE’, an all-in-one personal solar-panel, light, and USB charger. It offers 30 hours of bright LED light on a single charge. It has it all! It’s light, portable, waterproof, and sleek in design. It provides a…

French Solar Roads

Over the next five years, France’s National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) is set to install 1,000km (621 miles) of solar-roadway, in collaboration with the transport infrastructure company Colas. Colas has created the ‘Wattway pavement system’, an intelligent road-installation strategy….

Dublin Black Monolith_00

Dublin Black Monolith

A black monolith in Dublin’s docklands reveals Ireland’s current oil consumption and future renewable energy targets. It was designed by De Siún Scullion Architects. It measures 4.2 metres cubed. The size is not arbitrary however, its volume represents precisely 473 barrels of…

Glass Box EcoHome_02

Glass Box EcoHome

Although a ‘glass-home’ doesn’t sound very eco-friendly the Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter has made it just that! In the form of a glazed-box, one half of this home sits above the landscape and the other half remains buried underground….



Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch designer has designed a window made out of coloured solar cells! These cells harvest solar energy, transforming it into electricity. The energy generated is sufficient to charge small electronic devices. The zig-zagging orange, blue and…