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RAVPower 15W

There’s definitely a competitive market when it comes to solar chargers. We think that there’s something a little bit special about RAVPower. They’ve developed a low-cost folding 15W solar charger that is very affordable when compared to other similar specs….


WAACS: Energy On The Go!

The Rotterdam-based design and consultancy studio ‘WAACS’ has created a ‘rollable solar charger’. This charger allows you to take advantage of green energy ‘on-the-go’. The device looks like a hybrid between an ancient papyrus roll and modern-day innovative, solar-cell technology….

HeHe Vision

The French design studio ‘hehe’ has a vision for a series of artistic interventions within their capital Paris. The ‘train project’ is a speculative investigation into the culture and History of transportation. What is proposed is personal rail travel created…

Soladec -05


The Soladec Hybrid All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger and External Battery Pack with Integrated Ultra High-Flux LED Light for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Other USB Devices. When thinking sustainability, it is clear that many small savings by everyone = big…

BirkSun Solar Chargers

For all you active business professionals speeding around town…check-out BirkSun’s handcrafted ‘Connect Solar-Charger’! This product is a combination of functional messenger bag and built-in, high performance solar-charger. On the inside you’ll find a fleece ‘tablet sleeve’, plus a 17 inch…


Charging In Style

Solar panels looks cool in photos, but wearing them can get uncomfortable. Often ‘solar tech’ just seems un-wearable, despite looks or performance. Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen is changing this attitude. She has recently released a line of clothes that…

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Electree Goes Modular

This friendly modern charger is sculptured to look like a bonsai tree. Its leaves are small photovoltaic panels which allow the recharging of your mobile devices without using any energy other than light. Electree is modular so you create your…