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Blinds could soon be powering your home as well as offering shade! Now, SolarGaps have developed ‘smart blinds’ that track sun-movement (via app) which will reduce the energy consumption of a building (by as much as 70%) and cut financial…



Instead of rigid, cumbersome flat solar panels, we could all soon be powering our homes and electronics via stickers. Currently, engineers at Stanford have successfully developed thin, flexible, peel-able solar-cells which can then be attached to just about any surface….

Tesla Town_01

Tesla Town

The first ‘Tesla town’ is being built in a small suburb off Melbourne’s business district in Australia. Every house will enjoy a solar roof and built-in Tesla Powerwall. This will be one of the most sustainable developments found in Australia….

Copenhagen Energy Duck_01

Copenhagen Energy Duck

The ‘Solar-energy Duck’ could soon be generating renewable power for the people of Copenhagen. The ‘duck’ was part of the Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition and powerful response (visual as well as electric) to Copenhagen’s desire to become a…

Nokero N200

Most people take the artificial light that surrounds them for granted. However, hundreds of millions of people do not yet have access to electricity. Instead, they end-up using costly and harmful ‘kerosene’ lamps for lighting. Currently, roughly one quarter of…



The ‘Sollys’ lamp is the design of Alexander Main. It is well known that the popularity of solar has depended on two main factors, cost and aesthetics. Now Alexander has offered a new and innovative take on solar technology. In…


Voltaic Systems have produced ‘SHINE’, an all-in-one personal solar-panel, light, and USB charger. It offers 30 hours of bright LED light on a single charge. It has it all! It’s light, portable, waterproof, and sleek in design. It provides a…



Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch designer has designed a window made out of coloured solar cells! These cells harvest solar energy, transforming it into electricity. The energy generated is sufficient to charge small electronic devices. The zig-zagging orange, blue and…

Be Your Own Sun

Olafur Eliasson – the well-known Icelandic artist – has designed a small solar-powered lamp to cater for those who have limited or no access to light and energy (which in this case means just about 1/4 of the Worlds inhabitants!)….