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Johammer Electric Motorcycle (200 km +)

The Johammer electro-cruiser must be one of the most unique looking motorcycle ever built and its now nearing larger-scale production. Its retro (yet futuristic) styling is definitely outstanding. It avoids a traditional dashboard by integrating its ‘speed’ and ‘level of…


With over 50% of the World’s population living in dense, urban cities, the stress on food production is becoming enormous. ‘Land-based’ agriculture remains the traditional method of food production, but as global-temperatures continue to rise, areas where food production occurs…


The Lightie!

Michael Suttner, a South African designer and social entrepreneur has invented ‘the lightie™. Shaped like a test-tube, this light bulb is extremely cost-effective and sustainable. This solar powered device offers a safe method of illumination to the poorest of communities…



The GoSun is truly remarkable. It is a ‘fuel-free’ cooking solution that whilst safely sizzling up cheap viagra soft cost online // levitra samples to 550°F, can cook a meal in only 20 minutes. The cooker uses every ray sunshine….

Blown Away

Check paydayadvanceusca.com/ out this exceptional online payday advance interactive wrist watch courtesy of Julien Moise its designer. It engages the wearer’s own inexhaustible wind energy supply (a single breath) to payday loans near me power itself. It sleek features are…