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Chao Chen is a Royal College of Art in London. Whilst undertaking his MA in Design, he was inspired by an ordinary ‘pinecone’ he saw in Hyde Park. It prompted him to layer together a veneer, some fabric, and a…



With all the discussion going on about energy it’s easy to lose track of the fact that we ourselves are a source of power. With this in mind, enter the’ Drumi’. The Drumi has been designed for anyone happy to…

Philips-InstantFit 01


Energy Meet welcomes the first LED replacement tube that requires no rewiring. The MASTER LEDtube Value InstantFit is compatible with existing linear fluorescent tube lighting (as the infografic below clearly demonstrates). This simple device allows an almost effortless switch to…

Smoother Rides

Both bike and wheelchair owners know only too well the discomfort of bumpy roads. Now, Loopwheels (and its looping suspension springs integrated within wheels) are set to change this. The loopwheel spring offers a smoother ride, reduced vibration and less…

Cook & Get Charged

Now here is a novel device! It’s called the ‘Powerpot’, and it is designed to charge your devices whilst cooking your breakfast lunch or dinner. The ‘Powerpot’ works via thermoelectric technology (heat). It is an incredibly useful addition to your…


RAVPower 15W

There’s definitely a competitive market when it comes to solar chargers. We think that there’s something a little bit special about RAVPower. They’ve developed a low-cost folding 15W solar charger that is very affordable when compared to other similar specs….

New Ikea furniture will charge your phone wirelessly

IKEA Wireless Charging

Always pushing the limits of well-designed and economic furniture, IKEA the Swedish furniture manufacturer has now begun incorporating ‘induction-charging’ into some of its products like lamps, bedside tables and desks. These products allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphone and other…


WAACS: Energy On The Go!

The Rotterdam-based design and consultancy studio ‘WAACS’ has created a ‘rollable solar charger’. This charger allows you to take advantage of green energy ‘on-the-go’. The device looks like a hybrid between an ancient papyrus roll and modern-day innovative, solar-cell technology….

Clinicloud Stethoscope & Thermometer Kit

In the clinicloud stethoscope & thermometer kit, healthcare is brought directly to you via your smartphone. The kit contains a digital stethoscope plus a non-contact thermometer. These devices can provide users with data that can be visualized directly onto a…