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Submerged Warning

If you are brave enough to face the deep, off the coast of the Canary Islands, Spain, you’ll find an underwater spectacular. Do not be fooled however. This installation is not simply entertainment, it has a much more profound purpose….



This year, the LAGI 2016 competition is set in California. It comes at a poignant time when Californians are in need of a more constant and reliable energy and clean water supply for its future. Thus, this year, LAGI asked…


Many innovative people continue to work on ways to resolve the plastic ocean waste problem. Enter the U.S.-based startup ByFusion. This company is using technology to repurpose ocean plastic into durable construction blocks. The principal engineer of the company Peter…

Copenhagen Energy Duck_01

Copenhagen Energy Duck

The ‘Solar-energy Duck’ could soon be generating renewable power for the people of Copenhagen. The ‘duck’ was part of the Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition and powerful response (visual as well as electric) to Copenhagen’s desire to become a…


‘Earth Ocean Farms‘ (EOF) is a marine fish farming company found in La Paz, Baja California. Currently, they operate an offshore hatchery (fish farm) on 84 hectares of water for diverse types of marine fish. The company is dedicated to…


He’s at it again with his visionary masterpieces! Now Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has envisaged a futuristic 3D-printed ocean city, extending 1,000 metres below the water into the depths of the sea. His ‘oceanscraper’ is in fact printed in 3D from…

Eyes on Kinetic Energy_00

Eyes on Kinetic Energy

Najjar & Najjar Architects have developed energy structures for Beirut’s fishing community, helping them to regain access to the sea’s edge whilst creating electricity for nearby residents! The architect’s installations will provide shelter whilst harnessing power generated from the movement of…

Clever Clean-Up_00

Clever Clean-Up

Sudipta Seal and Larry Hench have fulfilled their goal of creating a new material that can remove large volumes of oil from seawater ‘economically’ using a process that is completely ‘green’. In 2010, they received a RAPID award (given to…


Underwater greenhouses could soon be anchored only 20 feet below the sea surface. These devices would be filled with air and a small amounts of crops. Some immediate benefits include no pests and a more stable temperature to stabilize growth….