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Curing metal pollution with yeast_03

Curing Metal Pollution with Yeast

A genetically engineered version of the normal fungus found in your bread and beer may soon be helping to clean-up the environment! A team of Scientists from institutions in Romania and Norway have been working together on a yeast that…

Billionaire Science Yacht_01

Billionaire Science Yacht

The Norwegian off-shore drilling billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke (who apparently began his career as a simple fisherman) is single-handedly funding the creation of a huge yacht to be used for marine research. The vessel will have the capacity to collect,…

Artic Home_00

Artic Home

On the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway, the Hjertefølgers are making living in the Arctic Circle look easy! It was four years ago when Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefølger initiated their family home, a cob-house sitting within a geodesic dome….

Underwater Traffic_04

Underwater Traffic

Norway is expecting to install the world’s first floating underwater tunnels. These will help travelers more-easily cross the Scandinavian nation’s many ‘fjords’ (which at present can only be crossed using a series of somewhat inconvenient and time consuming ferries!). The…

Science City_03


Check out these more unusual and weird green technologies. They’re a little different from the usual solar-panels and turbines that readers of renewable energy websites are accustomed to. The stories vary from a 3D-printer that builds buildings to large-scale heat…