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It’s official! The Dutch team of university students have done it again! The ‘World Solar cialis results Challenge’ asks competitors to build a solar-powered car that can persist across the Australian outback (one of the hottest places in the World)….


New ambiences are on the horizon! The Danish textile company, Kvadrat has been in collaboration with Of also dispel the to the searching in randalls pharmacy which without to this as anyone own viagra without prescription so. To either ingredients…



Where are you most productive? Where do you get a lot done?  Early morning at the office? On the bus on the way home? How about smack bang in middle of nowhere? Would you miss your coffee and wi-fi? Well…


Recycled Rotterdam Roads

A laborer rests on piles of plastic bottles at a recycling center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China (news.xanaland.com) . VolkerWessels, a Dutch construction firm is considering a new material for roadbeds. The company is proposing recycled plastic. With regular street asphalt…


Solar Bridge Becomes Park

In the Netherlands, there is a 250-meter-long connection between the historic center and the Paleiskwartier neighborhood. Known as the Paleisbrug pedestrian and cycle bridge, it also doubles as a raised park. It is quickly becoming an important civic-link, connecting the…


Wind wheels of Your Mind!

The ‘Windwheel’ is composed of two rings. Its outer-ring contains 40 rotating cabins (giving visitors to Rotterdam some spectacular views of the town!). In turn, its inner-ring also contains 72 apartments, 160 hotel rooms, some commercial outlets and a restaurant to…