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Prefab Rules_06

Prefab Rules

The New York-based CDR Studio Architects have designed a prefabricated backyard retreat. Known as the Dragonfly Pavilion it can be found in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. It has been constructed from sustainably harvested mahogany in combination with recycled aluminum to…

Floating City

yeezy 350 boost The Seasteading Institute in San Francisco has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the French Polynesian government that could bring the world closer to its first floating city. The Seasteading Institute has been trying to…

Artic Home_00

Artic Home

On the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway, the Hjertefølgers are making living in the Arctic Circle look easy! It was four years ago when Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefølger initiated their family home, a cob-house sitting within a geodesic dome….

A Living Brick_01

A Living Brick

The Living Architecture (LIAR) project is developing a building ‘unit’ blocks that is able to covert sunlight, waste water and air into clean energy. The collaboration between Newcastle University and experts from the universities of the West of England (UWE…



These wooden tent-like structures have been designed by Tokyo architect Issei Suma and they accommodate a group of elderly residents from a small Japanese community. The small resort is called ‘Jikka’ and it consists of five structures with an assortment…



The ways to save energy (and in turn the planet) luckily keep piling-up! Most of us have already changed from incandescent to LEDs and some of us have further added some kind of energy-saving thermostat in our homes. Now, ‘Good…


The concept for a ‘visible fridge’ was presented at Concept Kitchen 2025. As opposed to storing perishable food in a closed refrigerated box, the students and IDEO have developed a set of ‘induction shelves’. These shelves allow food to be…

Tesla Town_01

Tesla Town

The first ‘Tesla town’ is being built in a small suburb off Melbourne’s business district in Australia. Every house will enjoy a solar roof and built-in Tesla Powerwall. This will be one of the most sustainable developments found in Australia….

Molekule Air-filter

A new air filtration system has recently been launched by ‘Molekule‘. Its filter is specifically designed to trap nasty pollutants, then destroy them at a molecular level (elements one thousand times smaller than a HEPA filter is able to do)…



Acoustic panel design is not really renowned for style and/or sustainability. ‘EchoPanels‘ are changing this conception and offering a great recycling opportunity at the same time. Now they have the sound-absorbing Kirei Echopanel tile (originally seen in Green Build 2015)…