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Blinds could soon be powering your home as well as offering shade! Now, SolarGaps have developed ‘smart blinds’ that track sun-movement (via app) which will reduce the energy consumption of a building (by as much as 70%) and cut financial…

The Fold_00

The Fold!

The Boxetti set is a collection of furnitutre by Rolands Landsbergs. The clever trick is that it can be comleted folded up to be put away. A number of sets are available that include Boxetti Private, Boxetti Lounge, Boxetti Practice,…

Living Tables_01

Living Tables

If you purchase a plant-filled Living Table, it will surely green-up your home! This low-maintenance planter system was designed by Habitat Horticulture who have been sensitive to producing an attractive yet manageable system that even a naïve green-fingered beginner could…


Here is another vid we found extremely intriguing! It shows five cool approaches to futuristic living. Some have been operationalized and can house occupants. Others remains simply conceptual. All are inspirational. Enjoy!



A Czech architecture firm has created a series of tiny ice pods, based on the Warming Hut competition set five years ago. In their home town of Liberec Mjölk Architekti have built what they call ‘Polar Hens’. These ice pods…

Prefab Rules_06

Prefab Rules

The New York-based CDR Studio Architects have designed a prefabricated backyard retreat. Known as the Dragonfly Pavilion it can be found in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. It has been constructed from sustainably harvested mahogany in combination with recycled aluminum to…

Floating City

yeezy 350 boost The Seasteading Institute in San Francisco has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the French Polynesian government that could bring the world closer to its first floating city. The Seasteading Institute has been trying to…

Artic Home_00

Artic Home

On the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway, the Hjertefølgers are making living in the Arctic Circle look easy! It was four years ago when Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefølger initiated their family home, a cob-house sitting within a geodesic dome….

A Living Brick_01

A Living Brick

The Living Architecture (LIAR) project is developing a building ‘unit’ blocks that is able to covert sunlight, waste water and air into clean energy. The collaboration between Newcastle University and experts from the universities of the West of England (UWE…