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INU Electric Scooter

  The INU electric scooter is a ultra-cool machine par excellence! It’s the latest desired gadget that has the potential to be a future means of transportation especially for denser urban areas. This electric-vehicle is clean, safe, simple to recharge…


Gogoro Smartscooter

We will be 11 billion people by 2100, and most of us will live in cities. Clean urban transportation will be the order of the day, helping us fight climate change and ensuring a healthy future for generations to come….


PSA Peugeot Citroen has introduced innovative, new technology combining the petrol engine and ‘compressed-air’. The hybrid vehicle uses compressed-air to provide additional power, effectively replacing the battery-pack used in a conventional hybrids. The result is a cheaper hybrid vehicle, as…

UGE Lighting Solutions 2


PingQuan, situated in the Hebei province of China is being helped to take advantage of its wind currents. It is here that 120 solar and wind-powered streetlights have been installed by Urban Green Energy Inc. Rather than being attached to…


Paris Pollution

  Paris, France! In a fight against pollution, the mayor wants to ban ‘diesel-cars’ from the city by 2020 and have pedestrian-only neighbourhoods for city centres. This ‘anti-pollution’ plan will be aired at the next city-council meeting. In 2001, 40%…



Wind energy is probably the most environmentally-friendly energy sources, but some complain of how turbines look. Here is a new windmill that has been designed by Terry Glenn Phipps. He has combined with an Italian clean technology company to form…