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Air-Purifying Bike Share_01

Air-Purifying Two-wheeler

With China’s new air-purifying bike, around 20 million inhabitants will be cleaning the air of pollution as they ride around concluding their daily business. The idea has been set in motion by Daan Roosegaarde an eco-innovator who has just partnered…

The Aston Martin Electric_01

Aston Martin Goes Electric

What is left to say about Aston Martin…legendary…hold that thought! Expected in 2019 is something greener than their typical V8 and V12 gas guzzling icons. What we are all anticipating is an Aston Martin Electric car. In collaboration with Williams…

Yacht Power Station_01

Yacht Power Station

‘Electric’ and ‘silent’ is the only way to describe what the boating-sector is about to become! Now, the Dutch company Soel Yachts are developing electric travel at sea via their SoelCat 12 vessel. Soel Yachts want to revolutionize the boating…



image: www.businessinsider.com With trash being one of the most ubiquitous elements on the planet. Isn’t it reassuring when one hears that researchers have created a method of using discarded trash to make sodium-ion batteries? Well it’s a reality! Made from…

Upcycle To The Max_01

Upcycle To The Max

The Australian architecture firm Alexander Symes has choreographed used-materials into a wonderful new home. Using their “closed-loop zero-waste” concept they have managed to re-purpose materials to construct an amazing home. Their ‘upcycled’ house (a 1,100-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath family home) is…



Students at the Universite Laval engineering college in Quebec have won the Shell ‘Eco-marathon Americas’ contest for internal combustion engines. They did so with their Alérion Supermileage car. The car has managed to achieve 2,713.1 miles per gallon of gasoline….

Mirror Mirror_01

Mirror Mirror!

This new B+P Architects project is an art annex in New Taipei City. The structure’s skin is clad in steel mirrors that allow it to seamlessly blend into its immediate environment. The name of the project is “Within The Reflection:…


The Ecocapsule is a micro off-grid, transportable, living-quarter. If you’re the kind of person who likes to holiday on a remote mountaintop or jungle in eco-friendly fashion then this could be for you! The ecocapsule is surfing on the latest…

Graphene Paint Efficiency_01

Graphene Paint Efficiency

The strongest material currently known to science is graphene. It is used in a diverse range of objects from condoms to contact lenses. Now, the Graphene Company, have created the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive substance to be offered…

Green Sneaker For Real_01


Vivobarefoot (a London-based footwear designer) are collaborating with Bloom (a materials innovation company in San Diego) to create the world’s first molded-shoe made from algae! The new Vivobarefoot ‘lace-up’ is made from this environmentally friendly material offering the environment a…