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The BugPlug!

This eco-gadget helps save electricity. Once all your appliances are connected, the BugPlug’s built-in motion sensors can sense the presence of people within a room. When you’re home, the BugPlug will keep all devices on. If you decide to leave,…

Road To Success

Here’s some great Energy innovation from American electrical engineer Scott Brusaw . He has been developing a modular system for paneling roadways using solar powered panels. These panels can be installed in parking lots, driveways, bike paths and sidewalks and…



Korean designers Jin Sik Kim and Bo Sung have came up with a novel renewable energy generating concept that is bike-based. Their concept, named ‘Re:Energy’, harnesses the rotational energy of bicycles during motion and then re-directs and stores it for…

Interaction of Energy and Light

The EM table (electromagnetic) is an experimental object created by Florian Dussopt. When switched on, it generates a local electromagnetic field. His aim is to explore less well-known characteristics of energy (Tesla would be proud!) in particular ‘electromagnetic possibilities’ that…



Over the past several years, countless designers and architects have worked with the millions of shipping containers that enter their country every year from places like Malaysia, China, Singapore. Containers have been transformed into modular housing, storage units, retail outlets….


The Mars ROVER’s multi-panel solar array is able to absorb sunlight to power its mission. However, solar power limits what the ROVER can explore as it must land and travel where it can get enough sunlight to re-energize batteries. For…

Lighting The Way Forward

Truly an amazing step forward in lantern design. No kerosene and hot steel handles here. In regions of the World where grid electricity is not so easily accessible, the inflatable MPOWERD Luci Solar Lantern can be a practical, eco-friendly solution….