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Tesla’s ‘Powerwall’

Elon Musk had done it again. On April 30th 2015, the CEO of Tesla announced his newest product the ‘Powerwall’ home battery system. It charges hcg injections online pharmacy using electricity from solar panels. They seem to have already http://onlinepharmacyindia-fast.com/…

Philips-InstantFit 01


Energy Meet welcomes the first LED replacement tube that requires no rewiring. The MASTER LEDtube Value InstantFit is compatible with existing linear fluorescent tube lighting (as the infografic below clearly demonstrates). This simple device allows an almost effortless switch to…


Electricity Direct from Plants

Plant-e has managed to design products that can generate energy from living plants. They explain that it is now possible to utilize the space on your roof, not simply for growing plants, but, for harnessing electricity from those exact same plants!…

Cook & Get Charged

Now here is a novel device! It’s called the ‘Powerpot’, and it is designed to charge your devices whilst cooking your breakfast lunch or dinner. The ‘Powerpot’ works via thermoelectric technology (heat). It is an incredibly useful addition to your…

Wave Energy Is Back

The Carnegie Perth Wave Energy Project is showing that waves can generate real power for electricity grids. CETO technologies are harnessing energy from sea currents and incoming waves and turning it into electricity and desalinated water. Their process emits no greenhouse gases. There…

What If I Can 02

From African Mall to Rural Villages

In Sandton City, Johannesburg, there exists a shopping mall. This mall has a special and unique 68-tile walkway which is part of Samsung’s ‘What If I Can’ campaign. When walking over this passage-way (made from ‘Pavegens’ amazing kinetic tiling) it is possible…

Switchmate – Smart Switch

Using your smartphone to control your home lighting yet? No? What are you waiting for? Controlling your home-lighting directly from your phone is now seen as the smart option. You can switch lights on and off from your bed, or…


RAVPower 15W

There’s definitely a competitive market when it comes to solar chargers. We think that there’s something a little bit special about RAVPower. They’ve developed a low-cost folding 15W solar charger that is very affordable when compared to other similar specs….



The E-Fan is a two-seat experimental aircraft, developed by Airbus Group and partners. It is the first 100% electrical aircraft. Didier Esteyne, its designer and test pilot says that he designed the E-Fan to train future pilots at flight schools….