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Sun-powered Woven Refugee Tents

The award-winning architect and designer Abeer Seikaly has developed a practical and elegant solution for mobile shelters in disaster zones. His ‘Weaving a Home Project’ has managed to integrate vital elements such as solar-power generation, water collection and solar water-heating….

Downdraft Tower

The Solar Wind Downdraft Tower could revolutionize wind power technology and shift the way we think about wind power. Created by Maryland-based Solar Wind Energy Inc. it twists the traditional notion of wind turbine design. In this system, the turbines…

2Urban Skyfarm-9 (1)


Brooklyn-based design ‘studio aprilli’ has developed an architectural vision for a vertical farm to be built adjacent to the Cheonggyecheon stream in downtown Seoul, Korea. The vertical farm is located near the central business district (CBD), supporting local food production…



The desire for less polluting types of energy is having a big impact on transportation. Fly™ Citycopter is an urban aerial vehicle. Powered by the sun, it is eco-friendly, efficient, economic and cheaper than an ordinary helicopter. It has sexy…

Road To Success

Here’s some great Energy innovation from American electrical engineer Scott Brusaw . He has been developing a modular system for paneling roadways using solar powered panels. These panels can be installed in parking lots, driveways, bike paths and sidewalks and…


Pedal Power

Saving both energy and the environment by zipping around the city on a bike is a simple and effective way to make your energy statement! Now, this has been made even easier thanks to the fold-able ‘Sada Bicycle’. This design…



Korean designers Jin Sik Kim and Bo Sung have came up with a novel renewable energy generating concept that is bike-based. Their concept, named ‘Re:Energy’, harnesses the rotational energy of bicycles during motion and then re-directs and stores it for…

Artic Harvester

A group of French architecture students designed the Arctic Harvester as a floating ‘hydroponic farm’ and village. Meriem Chabani, Etienne Chobaux, John Edom, and Maeva Leneveu teamed up to produce the circular-shaped floating village that holds 800 people and work….


Concept Car

The public constantly await improvement in all areas of transportation. Now Seungmo Lim, a graduate of Pforzheim University in Germany has designed the BMW Sequence GT (Gran Turismo) concept car. The ‘Electric Gran Turismo Sequence’ project considers both the appearance…


NASA: Making Water and Fuel From the Moon

Scientists are now asking is it possible to use the moon’s material to make water or fuel? Known as ‘in-situ resource utilization’ (ISRU), the big picture is to save on the enormous resource and financial costs of launching anything from…