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Concept Car

The public constantly await improvement in all areas of transportation. Now Seungmo Lim, a graduate of Pforzheim University in Germany has designed the BMW Sequence GT (Gran Turismo) concept car. The ‘Electric Gran Turismo Sequence’ project considers both the appearance…


Johammer Electric Motorcycle (200 km +)

The Johammer electro-cruiser must be one of the most unique looking motorcycle ever built and its now nearing larger-scale production. Its retro (yet futuristic) styling is definitely outstanding. It avoids a traditional dashboard by integrating its ‘speed’ and ‘level of…



Over the past several years, countless designers and architects have worked with the millions of shipping containers that enter their country every year from places like Malaysia, China, Singapore. Containers have been transformed into modular housing, storage units, retail outlets….


Glimpse a Clean Vehicle Future!

In a collaborative project between Ford (San Jose), SunPower Corp (California) and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta), the Ford motor company has developed the C-MAX Solar Energi Concept. This is a first-of-its-kind sun-powered vehicle, independent from the electric grid…