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Truly a legend and eco-visionary, the Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has turned his design skills towards a conceptual transport-system involving airships powered by SEAWEED! As ingenious as it is ambitious, Callebaut believes the new green revolution is in full progress…and…

Glass Box EcoHome_02

Glass Box EcoHome

Although a ‘glass-home’ doesn’t sound very eco-friendly the Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter has made it just that! In the form of a glazed-box, one half of this home sits above the landscape and the other half remains buried underground….

Eyes on Kinetic Energy_00

Eyes on Kinetic Energy

Najjar & Najjar Architects have developed energy structures for Beirut’s fishing community, helping them to regain access to the sea’s edge whilst creating electricity for nearby residents! The architect’s installations will provide shelter whilst harnessing power generated from the movement of…


Designs on Climate Change

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, coastlines everywhere are still rising. Melting polar ice-caps continue to bring elevated water levels and along with it a future where more and more cities are expected to be submerged. Architects, urban planners and designers…

Wooden Orchids 08

Wooden Orchids

The Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut is truly a sustainable-thinking master. While most architects are trying to post-integrate minor green-elements into their design, he is taking it to a new level. In one of his latest designs ‘Wooden Orchids’ – a…


Solar-powered Safari Lodge

If one could get to the Okavango Delta to check out the rich wildlife, one might think of staying at Sandibe Okavango. This sustainable lodge in the safari of Botswana has developed an almost negligible environmental footprint. Its designers Michaelis…

Saharan Oasis 01

Saharan Oasis

The Sahara desert is one of the world’s most dangerous and demanding environments. It is an inhospitable place whose barren wasteland is continuously scorched by an unforgiving sun! Yet, the City Sand Tower project may soon be able to offer…


Glow-In-The-Dark, Smog-eating Concrete

Barcelona will soon be freshening-up its Sarajevo Bridge. The refurbishment of the bridge will offer the opportunity for the city to use smog-eating concrete, green walls, and solar-powered paving (with glow-in-the-dark LEDs)! The infrastructural refurbishment, designed by the Spanish architecture…


Wind wheels of Your Mind!

The ‘Windwheel’ is composed of two rings. Its outer-ring contains 40 rotating cabins (giving visitors to Rotterdam some spectacular views of the town!). In turn, its inner-ring also contains 72 apartments, 160 hotel rooms, some commercial outlets and a restaurant to…

bosco-verticale 01

Stefano Boeri’s BoscoVerticale

Truly iconic, beautiful and sustainable, Stefano Boeri Architects have created the fantastic BoscoVerticale (Vertical Forest) towers. Touted as the world’s first ‘vertical forest’ the towers are a pair of hi-rise residential buildings that sit on 2.5 acres of thick green…