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3D Printed Batteries (the size of a sand grain)

Medical implants could soon be powered by batteries the size of a grain of sand thanks to development by scientists at Harvard and the University of Illinois. The images show a battery being created using a custom-made 3D printer with…


ChefJet™ 3D

3D printing ‘food’ may still be some way off in the future. However, as part of the human diet, sugar continues to provide an almost instant energy. In September 2013, the 3D printing company 3D systems acquired the Sugar Lab, the husband-and-wife start-up…


Self-Repairing Trainer

Shamees Aden, a London designer and researcher is in the process of developing an entirely new concept for running shoes. These shoes could be 3D printed from synthetic biological material and in the event of damage, could repair themselves overnight….


3D Printed Moonbase

Foster & Partners has revealed its designs for a 3D-printed moon base made from lunar soil. Following an invitation from the European Space Agency, the practice, has developed a multi-dome base being constructed of ‘cantenary’ domes with cellular structured walls…