Sun Seeker

Hortum machina, B from Interactive Architecture Lab on Vimeo.

A self-driving garden may seem far-fetched but now, the University College London’s (UCL) Interactive Architecture Lab has created a nomadic, self-cultivating garden that moves around all by itself!





The sphere has been designed by UCL students William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio (under supervision from the Interactive Architecture Lab’s director Ruairi Glynn). They call it the Hortum machina, B (the ‘B’ standing for Buckminster ‘Bucky’ Fuller, the creator of the geodesic dome).




The Hortum machina, B was inspired from one of Buckminster Fuller’s most famous books ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’. A thriving garden (with built-in water storage) is encased within a large ‘bucky’ sphere. A robotic core then monitors the environment via a network of electrodes. These electrodes in turn respond and direct the spherical structure towards sunlight to give the garden what it most needs. The whole structure is solar powered.



The innovative and experimental project begins to expand the concept of London’s ‘green space’ towards new ground, literally! Extremely inventive!

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