Suited and Booted for space with SpaceX

Suited and Booted for space with SpaceX_01

Check this out readers…as this could be the spacesuit of the near future! Recently, Elon Musk (the founder of SpaceX and co-founder/CEO of the electric vehicle company Tesla) released an image on Instagram expressing his suit of the future (with other images soon to follow). The ‘teaser’ image shows the type of spacesuits that his company could be wearing on their future attempted journey to Mars.

Suited and Booted for space with SpaceX_02

He explained in an accompanying caption that the spacesuit was a ‘working prototype’ (tested to double vacuum pressure) and not just a decorative item! He further explained that both ‘aesthetics’ and ‘function’ were of interest in making the most appropriate protective-skin for space and that they were in good balance with this suit! The minimally designed white spacesuit has grey contrast panels and piping, with an iconic mark sittings on the right shoulder demonstrating an American Flag. The spacesuit could be in use as early as 2018 in a journey around the moon that SpaceX has contracted for two private individuals prior to the Mars Mission.

Suited and Booted for space with SpaceX_03

With SpaceX, Musk is aiming for several interplanetary manned-missions with the goal of first colonizing Mars. He anticipates arriving on the red planet by 2022, offering a choice for humanity other than future human extinction.

Suited and Booted for space with SpaceX_05

Mars has recently become a popular area of interest for designers. A ‘space cup’ was designed by Mark Weislogel, Andrew Wollman, John Graf and Donald Pettit and named best-product of the year. Then, the founder of MAD further produced a range of furniture for Mars settlers. Well keep you posted on all things Martian!

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