StoreDot Charging Electric Cars

StoreDot, the company with ’30 second smartphone charging’ is now turning its attention to electric vehicles. They claim that 7000 StoreDot cells could allow an electric car to be charged in only five minutes (and then go-on to achieve 300 miles/482km approx.).



Battery research and electric cars seem to continually evolve in tandem. StoreDot’s success could prove to be very lucrative. They appear to be the front-runner when it comes to charging. Their FlashBattery is a variant of the ion-lithium battery and its electrochemical properties have been manipulated to accelerate charging significantly improving performance. In addition, their battery utilizes non-flammable organic compounds (encased in a multi-layer safety-protection structure) that prevents over-voltage and heating. These are noticeable improvements on existing systems.



These batteries are unlikely to see commercial use within the next 5 years but they are a promising prospect.

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