Most people’s ideas of renewables mainly focus on wind and solar. Now, the simple act of walking is slowly becoming a game-changer in the battle to create emissions-free energy.



In Las Vegas, the world’s first smart streetlights powered by the footsteps of pedestrians has been developed. The NYC-based EnGoPLANET is collaborating with the city to erect solar panels and kinetic energy pads at Boulder Plaza within the Arts District.



Such action is ensuring that Las Vegas – a city previously criticized for its over-consumption – is continuing to head towards sustainability. Other recent attempts to improve energy consumption in this city include LEED certified buildings, several solar projects, water reclamation and alternatively-fueled vehicles. In an amazing turnaround, Las Vegas is becoming a leader in energy conservation.


EnGoPLANET has estimates that on a global level, over $40 billion is spent per year on running around 300 million traditional streetlights. This equates to an annual production of 100 million tons of carbon pollution. The use of solar-kinetic streetlights offer any city the opportunity to help their governments meet climate targets.



EnGoPLANET’s main aim is to extend emission-free solar-kinetic streetlights to over 1.4 billion people who themselves have no access to street-lighting. A crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo has been initiated in order to raise money for a project where solar-kinetic streetlights can be installed in 10 Africa villages. Check out the vid! This is the way forward. Great luck to them!

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