Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash

The design company Pentatonic have been cleverly ‘repurposing’ waste-materials to create a new range of modern furniture. This range includes the ‘AirTool Chair’ and ‘AirTool Foil Table’ (they’ve even created some glassware from smartphone glass!) seen here.

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_01

Showing a tremendous commitment to all aspects of sustainability, Pentatonic have taken sustainable furniture creation a lot further than other companies. One of the coolest things is their website which shows the type of trash that went into each piece of furniture they’ve created. For instance, 96 plastic bottles and 28.4 aluminum cans went into an AirTool Chair (along with some old food containers and industrial waste). Next, 1,436 aluminum cans and 190 CDs or DVDs were used for their AirTool Foil table (note too that Pentatonic do not use any additives, toxins, glues, or resins either).

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_02

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_03

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_04

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_05

Currently Pentatonic has offices in London and Berlin and are able to source 90% of their trash locally. The remainder comes from material-rich locations such as Taiwan (home to the one of the world’s largest concentration of wasted smartphone glass).

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_06

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_07

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_08

All Pentatonic furniture components can also be purchased ‘individually’ online and old, used pieces returned to the company for the next round of recycling (Pentatonic have a buy-back policy showing the market value obtained for returning old furniture).

Some Furniture is Nothing but Trash_09

Check out their website or visit the store directly if you’re ever in Shoreditch East London: it’s at 2 Chance Street from September 15th to October 12th. (or alternatively at the London Design Festival if you’re there between September 18th to 24th. Smart stuff indeed!

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