SolSource Solar Stove

SolSource Solar Stove_01

One Earth Designs has begun crowd-funding their solar cooker in preparation for the summer! Simply put, their ‘SolSource Sport’ is 100 percent powered by the sun and heats-up five times faster than a charcoal-grill by intensely focusing light.

SolSource Solar Stove_02

The result; cooking times are greatly accelerated and it’s incredibly safe as no flame is needed to operate it. The cooker reaches grilling temperatures in only five minutes and allows users to grill, stir-fry, boil, pan-fry and reheat meals too. SolSource operates effectively from just after sunrise (1hr after) to a little before sunset (1hr before) and gives off no carbon-emissions in the process.

SolSource Solar Stove_03

SolSource can be transported in a two-foot-long bag and assembled is approximately five minutes. Currently, one can pick-up these cooking-gems for around $200! Check it out!

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