Solar Powered Pacific Island

This tiny collection of atolls has become almost 100% self-sufficient in less than 12 months.


The remote island chain of Tokelau (between New Zealand and Hawaii) is the first territory to meet its electricity needs only through renewable energy. The string of atolls has switched fully from expensive -and environmentally harmful diesel generators – to solar energy.


The string of atolls are being progressively transformed, shifting away from the diesel generators which it has relied on for decades.


Tokelau (made up of the Atafu, Nukunonu, and Fakaofo) made a $7 million investment with solar stations on all three atolls, providing renewable energy for all the electricity needs of their 1,500 inhabitants.


The investment in solar energy will eventually redirect economic resources for development in other sectors of Tokelau. This may not be a perfect example of energy shift, but it surely is inspirational.

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